Data transparency on equity derivatives and securities finance

Deriv1 is the standalone subscription site for Finadium data products. Since 2005, Finadium has been a capital markets consultancy in securities finance, collateral and derivatives. We provide unbiased advisory and data services to trading desks, operations, risk, technology and business leaders worldwide. Finadium accesses US OTC Equity Derivatives data daily, cleans and standardizes the data, and provides comparative metrics on long, short and position changes.

US OTC Equity Derivatives, including Total Return Swaps, Basket Swaps and Portfolio Swaps, are an important trading product for hedge funds and other leveraged investors. According to Finadium research, in 2022 banks generated 55% of equity prime brokerage revenues from synthetic products and 45% from physical financing. Access to trading exposures in this market is an active complement to tracking activity in cash, options and futures markets.

Deriv1 subscribers can now access Finadium data on US OTC Equity Derivatives as a subscription separate from other Finadium services. Data are available as an online Excel download or via API.

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